Boca Canasta, República Dominicana

In the coming months, I will be researching Dominican transnational migrant organizations and their development impacts as part of my first year doctoral paper at MIT. In my travels through the Internet, I found a series of videos posted on the website of a Dominican hometown association. Their use of he Internet is quite interesting and has led me to expand my thoughts on the tools used to connect diasporas with their hometowns. These videos are interesting visual testimonies that add to the transnational experience. The images also depict a community that owes its transformed physical landscape, in part, to the flow of migradollars and collective remittances. The footage is also a great tool for scholars like me who are getting prepared to perform fieldwork.


One response to “Boca Canasta, República Dominicana

  1. ya te veré en motorita por esas calles frente a la farmacia Kendy! Ponle el rss feed, para que nos lleguen los avisos de que posteate algo nuevo. besos, m

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