This Land is My Land?

Image by José Antonio Rosado : borrowed from Prensa Comunitaria

Image By José Antonio Rosario : Borrowed from Prensa Comunitaria

This summer has been quite heated for many poor and low-income communities in Puerto Rico. As folks try to survive in an island that is going through a three-year recessionary cycle and experiencing a massive wave of layoffs in the public sector, the national government adds insult to injury by displacing hundreds of families from public lands.   Firuzeh Shokooh-Valle has published an excellent piece in Global Voices, that offers some insights on what has transpired. The lead paragraph reads:

Recently, the Puerto Rican government issued an order to remove 200 families from the Villas del Sol community in Toa Baja, under the premise that they illegally occupied lands that are prone to flooding. Police forces tear-gassed and assaulted members of the community, most of them immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

Check out the rest:

The article makes reference to a previous post about El CañoMartín Peña. If you can’t read in Spanish, have someone give you the lowdown.


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